About Us

WE Are Think Ahead

As we know sugarcane juice is very healthy for us, but this juice available at stalls (Raswanti) on the roadside are maintained unhygienically because of which this healthy juice at stalls can make you sick. At Canerass, juice is hygienically packed with all food graded SS304 equipments. Proper measures as per FSSAI and FDI are taken care off at our facility.

  • Awesome Taste
  • Anti Oxidant
  • 100% Natural
  • Repair Body


We Established in 2017

I am Rahulsinh Patil and I come from Sangli which is situated in Maharashtra where ample of sugarcane is grown. I always wondered why sugarcane juice is not packed so that everyone can carry it according to their convenience. So it can be available at normal stores and people don’t need to go to unhygienic stalls. I knew sugarcane juice has lots of health benifits. When I started experiencing hostel life, I started looking for healthy beverages in stores and when I picked a juice pack to read its ingredients, it had lots of unhealthy ingredients like added sugars, flavours etc. Moreover they are made from pulp or concentrate by adding water. I felt even though these juice companies are promoting it as healthy drink, it is not healthy.

Then I thought why can't we develop healthy sugarcane juice? Our R&D started rolling and after 1 & half year of R&D, we developed a process to store sugarcane juice in a pure and natural form where it is healthy, tasty, hygienic and without adding sugar or artificial flavors or water. Here is Canerass, people's favorite healthy-Tasty- Hygienic juice.