Distributor Enquiry

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We invite Franchisees who can help popularize this drink. The popularity of this drink is increasing day by day. Till date, sugarcane juice was sold in roadside stalls, under poor hygienic conditions and even people who loved the juice had an aversion to consume it this way.
Canerass has been sensitive to their health and hygiene concerns and has created a business model where sugarcane juice can be served in the most natural form, in the most hygienic of conditions and can be available and carried everywhere . Rest assured, your initial investment will break even very quickly, and you will be sitting on a profitable venture, thereafter. Distributors with experience in same field will be prefered, distributor should own a place to store the material. Everything else will be clearified to intrested enquiries.
This can be great apportunity for people who like to be trend setters and visioners as we are setting new treand of pure sugarcane juice.

For more details send us the enquiry!